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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Random list of things I'm interested in

Some topics I plan to write about.

DirecTV - Installing and pointing dishes, buy and sell equipment, activate, etc
TiVo - I'm a fan of the boxes, have upgraded many using parts from Weaknees and NewEgg.  Haven't done much code hacking past formatting and logging in because I like to keep them running and legal for the family to watch TV.
Nintendo DS - Use the game sharks, Action Replays, Emulators, etc.  Also repair them, buttons, screens, etc.  My kids love them, abuse them, and my son always wants to cheat on the games
LG cell phones - Use bitpim and other software to hack these, add ringtones, proxy internet, etc
Appliances - Can't live without them, somebody has to fix them
Gamer Computer Building - I have more fun putting together systems than figuring out what to do with them.  Love monster graphic cards, AMD processors and putting together high performance systems on the cheap.
Linux/Windows and other software things I learn

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