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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Good Droid Corporate email and unknown error 0x90047

This is somewhat off my usual topics, but I wanted to post this in case it helps others.  It took me a couple of days and several phone calls to figure this out, I didn't find it posted clearly anywhere on the web.

This involves using "Good" enterprise email on a Motorola Droid2 Global with Verizon.

Yesterday I requested and was given good pin for installing corporate email on my droid global smartphone using the "Good" application.     It worked fine for one day then stopped.
There was an warning on install that i needed the enterprise data plan, i only had the personal unlimited email.   I called Verizon upgrade (ouch $15/mo), and it still did not begin working again.
I uninstalled Good and reinstalled the app to my phone.   Now when i re-enter the pin from yesterday, i get "unknown error 0x90047".    The re-install fails.

Apparently Verizon runs a program that catches people with the wrong plan daily, and puts your phone into this state.    I heard that this runs around 6am central time.  It borks your phone and deleting the app does not un-bork it.

I was able to fix it this after these steps.  I tried everything else anyone could think of, and this worked.

Called back verizon and requested that Feature code 73666 be added to my account. The rep of course had no idea what i was talking about, but i was firm and said my IT guy told me to do it, please search for the code and add it. He did so and it was a no charge feature as others have said.  I found this on posts on the web, my IT guy was clueless, but it was a workable white lie.

The phone still gave the same 0x90047 error, so I deleted the Good app, deleted all app data (that takes another click and i think this was key). Powered off the phone (heard that this is necessary to reset plan options).   Powered on, downloaded good, and re-entered my password. This time it worked!!   I did not have to get a new pin.

I've checked and email is both sent and received now.  Woot.  Now I can work 24/7, which will be bad for my blog.

Good luck if this happens to you!