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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Replaced the windshield washer nozzle in a 04 Sienna minivan

Ice and snow broke off the black plastic washer nozzle on the hood of my minivan.   Activating the windshield washer resulted in a fountain of spray straight up, no where near the window.  Here on the east coast, you lose your windshield washer, it is pretty much not safe to drive your car in the winter.

Looked all over the internet, and found it is really hard to buy a replacement.  None of the online auto part stores, ebay or amazon had it.   Some cars are there, but not mine.  Had to resort to going physically to the dealer and buying it.  Yuck.  But the Toyota dealer had it.

Fun part is, you open the hood and it is very tough to access the nozzle.  They have press in ears that clip them in place.  Under the hood is an insulation layer of fabric that has press in clips.  Removing it looked like a very bad idea, the clips were going to break and the fabric tear.  I pried up one edge and could sneak my hand under.  Felt around and couldn't access the back of the washer still to free it up because of the metal.

Found an easy way to do it from outside the car, that worked great.  Grabbed what remained of the nozzle with some pliers and crushed it.  That left the base in the hole, and I was able to use a small screw driver to release the clips from the top of the hood and pull it up out of the top of the hood with the hose still attached.  Pulled off the hose from the old nozzle, and put the new one on the hose.  Snapped the new nozzle into the hole and Voila!.  Took less than 5 minutes this way!


  1. Thank You, great idea! It worked for me too. Ken

  2. Thank you - will try this tomorrow morning when it warms up to -7C.

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