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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Neat android app allows you to remote control your phone

Found the coolest android app ever.   It is supposed to be a tool for when you lose your phone.  It allows you to use a web interface or SMS from another phone and pretty much instantly control your phone to do hardware functions.

You can get the phone to speak any message you type, buzz, dial, take a picture and send it to you, turn on GPS,  send you it's GPS location, network,  it's call log, etc.

It's a little frightening to know that google can control your phone, take pictures, locate it all at will.   But you already know that google owns you.

This app could have lots of useful remote control applications.  Of course you can't build your smartphone into a device, but for a temporary way to remote control a device worldwide it works great.

I'm wondering about an Arduino/Android interface, but as a minimum you could use the headphone jack to send a voltage to external hardware to activate your function.

If the phone was plugged into some hardware bias the headphone jack, it could activate hardware by sending a tone or some other low tech interface.  Hopefully I can come up with something better.

It is also butt kicking way to find your lost phone.  Just ask the phone to send you it's GPS.  The interface even plots it on a map.

There are also apps to do the reverse, control web enabled stuff from the phone, but this seemed more awesome.


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