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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Arduino GPS working too!

Ordered a GPS module off Ebay for $30 plus shipping

It came with a tutorial wiring diagram.

I hooked it up to the Arduino, and strapped on an LCD.  Loaded the tutorial.   After about 15 secs of 0.000 0.000 data started pouring out.  Wow!
That was easy.  Less than an hour.

SInce then i've gone through the software and have the LCD outputing time , data, speed, course, as well as the GPS data.
Now what??  I think I will make a GPS logger.  Something like a teen tracker, that writes the data to an SD card.  The onboard EEPROM is 512 bytes, too small to do anything with.

I decided to order a data logging shield from adafruit for 19.50.
A protoboard and connectors would cost me that much, and it comes with an SD card slot.

The SD card writer i made earlier is a bit of a kluge, and the one on adafruit seems like a good deal.  I got my sd card writer to work though the SPI interface, but only the arduino can read it.  I want to be able to take the files to a PC.

The sdfat libraries look like they will do the trick to log the data.

I found a cool website that will plot the gps data to a map, showing the whole route.

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