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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

GPS to do list

Tracked some car trips today, worked awesome.  It showed my position to within a few feet.

Some things on my to do list for the GPS:
-More frequent GPS updates.  At highway speed the waypoints are too far apart and it looks like I'm going off the road.  I have a lot of delays, like 5sec, to make the LCD readable.  I only have a 2x8 LCD on the unit, and i have to switch from lat/lon, speed/course, time/altitude.  That loop takes 5 seconds and meanwhile the GPS is waiting. I think i will add code to log more often

-I think i need a push switch to scroll between the three possible readouts.  The constantly switching display is kinda hard to monitor anyway.

-Put the speed column ahead of altitiude in the log file.  gpsvisualizer wants to color my route for altitude, not for speed.

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