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Friday, October 15, 2010

Arduino project list and some ideas

Projects I've built with Arduino covered in my blog,

  • Ethernet stock/time fetcher (need to write it up)
  • GPS logger- in the field and working great
  • IR TV sleep timer setter. - in the field and working great!
  • RFID tag reader - have a motor controller I want to add.  Otherwise the RFID is working fine
  • SD card reader, built from scratch before i found others had a kit.  (should write it up anyway)

Projects in progress
  • TV B Gone.  Got the transistors and LEDs, now have to put it together
  • Nintendo DS game cartridge save file reader.   Worked but was flaky.  Need to get back to debug it and write it up.
  • BatchPCB: Getting PCB making up and running, may just build a LCD shield to get started.
  • OBD reader.  Started with CAN bus, switched to K line due to my car.  Testing stalled because my car won't respond.
  • XYZ CNC arduino based machine.  Got some parts, building it up.

Some things I might build next
  • TV Video output for Arduino.   I'm thinking I will set up a video output board, to display text to a TV screen.  Maybe as an overlay.  Just sounds like fun.  Found this similar thing
  • VGA Output for Arduino.  Totally useless but it's gotta be fun!
  • Mag Stripe reader  The readers are all over ebay.  However I'm not sure the point of doing this, just curious about what is encoded on all those cards in my wallet.
  • Wireless hot spot SSID finder.  Found some pages on signal strength
  • Car Compass  My car doesn't have one of those displays that tell you the direction you are driving.  Could I build one?  The GPS seems overkill for this function, but it works fairly well if you are moving.  There must be a compass module that can be bought.  On Ebay they are crazy expensive, like $100.  Might as well buy a GPS module and an arduino for that price.
  • GPS Warmer Colder  Program in a location, and it tells you how far away and in what direction it is.   Uses GPS.  GPS I already built will do that with a few lines of code.
  • Arduino iPod or iPhone interface,  Looks like well worn ground

To do list:

  • Get photos of the IR sleep timer in the box taken and uploaded
  • Finish putting to together the TVBGone now that i have all the parts
  • Get the LCD mounted in the case of the GPS
  • Add the Hbridge to the RFID lock, now that i have the solenoid part and Hbridge
  • Debug the oscillator on the CAN bus interface shield.  Maybe I have the wrong caps.  On hold due to lack of CAN bus automobile to test with.
  • Test the K line interface box, and build up a more permanent version.

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