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Monday, October 18, 2010

GE GSS25TGPEWW Refrigerator broke


My GE GSS25TGPEWW side by side refrigerator is having a problem.  It's new as far as things go, maybe 5 years old.  I'm not ready to buy a new one.

Ice made by the icemaker, periodically all melts, drips down and refreezes as huge icicles.
This happens randomly, maybe every couple days or a week.  All the food near the top gets really warm,
but the bottom is always cold enough that the water doesn't leak out the bottom, it freezes.

Some google searches to appliance repair quickly led me to the diagnosis that the main board was bad.
Another search led me to what main board my refrigerator used.   Sorry I missed making note of that website.
Bought this on amazon WR55X10942.  For good luck I bought a new thermistor WR55X10026, the sensor that reads the temp, in case that is really the problem.

This is an example of the web logs i found that described the issue.

This board did set me back over $100.  But it was cheaper than a new refrigerator, and I'm sure a repairman would have been several times that.

This was <$10, and shipping was free.

When the parts come I'll let you know what happened...... time the parts came and I'm updating......

Turns out it was really easy to install the new main board.  Anybody could do this.  It came with some instructions.   Pulled out the fridge, and on the back panel near the bottom is a cover, maybe 8 inches by a 1 foot.  I did not unload the food, just kept the door shut and unplugged it. The panel has 8 or so hex nut screws all around the edges.  You just unscrew them with a socket wrench, and open the cover.  The board sits in a little space right there, all by itself, very easy to access.   I used a pair of needle nose pliers to squeeze wings on the four white posts that clip the board down.  Once they are squeezed the board pops right out.  I simply unplugged the connectors around the edges, and transferred the plug to the new board one by one so that i wouldn't get anything mixed up.  I don't think you could hook it up wrong, but it is always good practice to do it one at a time.   I popped the board back in over the white posts and put the cover back on.  All in all it took about 15 minutes plus 10 minutes cleaning up the mess and dirt under and behind the fridge. Yuck. Only tools were needle nose pliers and a small socket wrench set.

I decided to wait to swap in the new thermistor, lets see if the board did the trick since I don't know yet where the thermistor even goes!

Plugged it back in, and the fridge was up and running immediately.   Now we will see if the ice melts again.

A week and the refrigerator is still working great.  I'm calling this one fixed!  Victory!

-Another update, fridge has been working flawlessly for nearly a year now.  Badabing!


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