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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Arduino RFID reader started

I've started putting together an RFID reader, using an ID-20 module from Sparkfun and an Arduino.
This post is just a place to note a couple links to information I'll need.  This is what I got so far.  The RFID is pretty pricey!  Sparkfun is a good website, the only place I could find the RFID reader.  However, the stuff took a week and a half to come from Colorado.  Hacktronics and Adafruit are 3 days (for me on the east coast).

RFID Reader Breakout$0.951$0.95
RFID Tag - 125kHz$1.951$1.95
RFID Reader ID-20$34.951$34.95

And of course, and Arduino Duemilanove, now selling for $25.  I got a new Uno version  to try out as well, either will work.  I learned my lesson buying the Chinese knockoff boards from Ebay.  Save money but no workie.

It appears that i connect the output pin to the serial pin on the arduino and then just let her rip.  We will see if it is that easy.

Data sheets and info were here:

Although this is a different tag, maybe the concepts are the same:

Another tag reader i didn't try is here:,ProductName

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